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Introducing AVIMA:

Solutions defined by service, quality and expertise.

Avima was established in 1961 and has an impressive footprint in the African market. Our focus is on supporting the agricultural and public health sectors through products, service and support. Our product portfolio includes urban pest control, malaria vector control, crop protection, seed enhancement, stored product protection, contract formulation and packaging, and tsetse fly and locust control, making it the leading manufacturer of solutions for agriculture and public health in the country.

Our Product Offering

Avima’s product offering is diverse and dynamic. The entire portfolio has been designed to meet the requirements of resistance management and integrated vector management programmes and the products sit across three main categories: Public Health Pest Control, Crop Protection and Specialist Pest Control.

In the Public Health arena, Avima has developed reliable malaria vector control solutions which are manufactured in-house to ensure that each product is made to the highest standards. The range of services incorporate indoor residual spraying, insecticide treated nets, larvicides for treating mosquito breeding areas, and monitoring and assessment tools. We also provide our clients with Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials and support, alongside expert services in planning, setting up and supporting the implementation of sustainable vector control programmes. Notable products in this range include Fendona 5WP by BASF, ProGuard 80WP and Abate.

Proven Record

Avima has an excellent track record with the Ministries of Health in countries across East and Southern Africa, donors, and NGOs, including: WHO, UNICEF, the Malaria Consortium, PSI, MEDA, Red Cross and MSF. These relationships support our work in vector control and improving the quality of life for people living in pest-controlled areas.

Our Range

The Crop Protection portfolio covers insecticides, herbicides and fungicides all selected for their superior performance in the market. Many of the solutions are manufactured locally to ensure the highest possible quality controls are kept in place, and we also develop contract formulation and packaging for numerous well-known organisations. The manufacturing arm of Avima pays specific attention to the small-scale farming market, providing solutions and package sizes which fit your budgets and requirements. The small pack plant at Avima creates packs which are 16 litres in size, specifically suited to small-scale growers.

In the Specialist arena, Avima has designed products to support the management and control of locust and tsetse fly outbreaks in Africa. We invest heavily into research and development for these products, and their distribution into the heart of the African continent, so we can deliver solutions which understand the environmental and healthcare needs of the population. The locust and tsetse fly formulations and products are effective at very low volumes so they have minimal contamination or impact on the environment.

“The manufacturing arm of Avima pays specific attention to the small-scale farming market, providing solutions and package sizes which fit your budgets and requirements.”

Future Plans

Currently Avima is expanding into the animal health markets and is renewing its focus on moving deeper into Africa with its crop and public health solutions. We have an office in Uganda to support our growing East African business and work with trusted distributors throughout Africa and southern Africa to ensure product is delivered on time, and on demand.

Our Core Values

For Avima, one of the most important qualities of our portfolio is not the extensive variety or reach of our products, but the ways in which we support our customers. Our supply and solutions are reliable, and we work hard to ensure our customers can always rely on us when they need a solution that works.