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About Ascendis Biosciences

Our goal is to remain a leading authority in the Biosciences fields by providing innovative and sustainable solutions for the Agri and domestic markets, as well as to assist growers in ensuring that they receive the right support to build a sustainable future within the agricultural community. We innovate so our farmers can create – all our brands and solutions are inspired by biodiversity and long term sustainability.

Company Profile

Ascendis Biosciences, a division of Ascendis Health, is made up of six highly specialised brands originating from South Africa. We have supported and provided the agricultural market, as well as the domestic home and garden segments, with a broad range of services, solutions and products for more than 60 years.

Our portfolio of brands includes AfriKelp, Avima, Klub M5, Efekto and Wonder. We have built up years of heritage and trust within the sectors we service and the markets we specialise in.

The Ascendis Biosciences specialist Agri sector brands offer a wide range of solutions that include crop protection, public health pest control, natural plant growth stimulants and seed enhancement. The division also has a strong portfolio of brands that support and service the consumer market with a broad portfolio of home and garden pest control solutions, plant nutrition and fertilisation solutions.

Ascendis Biosciences extends beyond the borders of Africa thanks to the quality of our products, the expertise of our employees and our hands-on technical knowledge.

Today, Ascendis Biosciences is the preferred distribution partner for global brands such as BASF, Sumitomo and Syngenta. We maintain excellent global relationships with our customers and our suppliers.

Our Company Structure

Ascendis Biosciences is made up of six distinctive, well-known brands which define markets and redefine agricultural sustainability and biodiversity. Our Agricultural Brands include market leaders AfriKelp and Avima, alongside the distinctive and highly focused brands of Klub M5. Each brand has a core offering which defines it – from the crop nutrition and natural plant stimulants of AfriKelp to the crop protection capabilities of Avima, each one remains dedicated to its market and its ethos.


Ascendis Biosciences has adopted this unique structure across Agri and consumer brands to ensure that each sector receives the appropriate solutions. Over the next few years, Ascendis Biosciences is set to expand this organogram into new areas, solutions and countries, and we will ensure that our expansion remains both focused and strategic

Our journey has just begun. Join us.

Our Future and Innovation

Ascendis Biosciences is expanding across the globe thanks to its focus on sustainability and synergistic acquisitions. Currently we export to 70 countries around the world, and that is just the start of our long journey into a future which supports the health and care of plants and crops.

Ascendis Biosciences will continue to focus on organic and acquisitive growth as well as the development of the Ascendis Biosciences brand as a platform, by providing exceptional solutions to the various market sectors.

We will remain agile and flexible, developing innovative solutions which invest into the future of our farmers and the agricultural sector. At Ascendis Biosciences, we understand the importance of speed and the need to adapt to suddenly changing circumstances so we will keep on engaging with the agricultural sector to ensure they get what they need, when they need it.

We have the chemistry and the expertise you want, ready to address issues on the ground, helping you to make decisions that will transform your future with the service and solutions you expect. Welcome to a sustainable and dynamic future with Ascendis Biosciences, welcome to innovation.

Our Brands